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  • Coffee can be good for you

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    The good news is that coffee has been shown to be good for you in multiple research papers, not just anecdotal 'evidence'.  Regular consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.  It can also reduce migraines and burn fat.

    Just think how much better NutriCafe would be for your health with the addition of Medicinal Mushrooms to the mix!  Organic extracts of Ganoderma, Cordyceps, Maitake and Shitake among other are infused directly into the bean.  Amazing right?  Especially when you consider that the taste has not changed at all.

    In multiple blind coffee tastings, not one single person was able to detect any difference in taste.  In fact, they all considered it to be very good coffee.  However, telling a 'taster' beforehand of the presence a few said they detected some difference.  Later in the blind tasting the same 'tester' was unable to detect which coffee was NutriCafe...only that it was very good coffee!

    So, if the fact that medicinal mushrooms' presence in the coffee has detered you from trying it, I think you can do so with no worries.

    Currently, our coffee is a blend of Organic Mexican Chiapas and Organic Peru.  It is tasty!

    The Organic Cocoa Mojo, blended with these same organic medicinal mushroom extracts is also quite tasty!

  • Enerfood - Superfood Sale Ends Today - 15% off

    I trust everyone had a ton of 'trick or treat' business going on last night! I completely forgot about 'All Hallows Eve', fortunately my wife did not. Into this life some sugar comes is how I look at that evening...candy, candy and more candy and some really cute kids all dressed up - no to mention the adults going all out.
    After all that, if you partook in the sugar festivities, it is a good time to 'recover' from the sugar destruction. Superfoods are a great way to help that recovery process along. In fact, as much sugar as is prevalent in our foods these days it is a great idea to gently detoxify with Enerfood.
    Enerfood and Meal Replacement sale for 15% off ends today.  Don't miss a great opportunity to get these amazing products at a really great price. No coupon necessary, they have already been discounted!
    To your health on this beautiful Sunday.  Love, laugh and play more today!
    Steve St Clair
  • New Study Shows Exercise leads to healthier cells.

    enerfood by dave
    Another recent study has indicated that any type of exercise is good when it comes to 'anti-aging'. I have written about this before, exercise shortens the length of telomeres. Telomeres are parts of the cell that scientist measure, the longer they are the 'younger' and healthier the cell.  Master athletes have longer telomeres than sedentary people.  Thus the conclusion that longer telomeres are healthier and indicate an 'anti aging' strategy is in place and working. Click here to see the study.

    I for one am all for exercise, I feel better when I am a regular at the gym or hiking or something!  I also know that superfoods, okay this is a small but true pitch for Enerfood,  have also been shown to increase the rate of cellular rejuvenation by some measures.  They can increase a process called phagocytosis, where macrophages (a special type of white blood cell) that eats foreign stuff - like really bad cells, microbes and other foreign matter.

    So get out there and get some exercise this weekend and enjoy yourself.  Love more, Laugh and play - all of these can also really help you get and stay healthy.  Plus, everyone will want to be around you!

    In honor of the weekend and the small pitch above, I am keeping Enerfood and Meal Replacement on sale over the weekend!

    To your health!

    Steve St Clair

  • Benefits of cutting sugar from kid's diet

    diet from daveIn a recent study researchers cut out sugar from a racially diverse group of kids and replaced them, calorie for calorie, with starches.  The results were pretty amazing.  They all lost weight as most were overweight or obese.  Most importantly their blood pressure and cholesterol ratios all improved quite dramatically.  So the conclusion was that all calories are not the same or as they put it "a calorie is not a calorie"  - something we have been saying for years, but now there is some 'empirical' evidence.

    These researchers also argue that " The researchers argue that instead of thinking about sugar as empty calories that cause weight gain they should be seen as having a more threatening effect on the body's whole metabolic system."  Sugar calories are probably the worst since they turn into fat in the liver and increase chances of diabetes, heart & liver disease.

    These finding should have large implications for the food industry, but really do you think things will change?  I don't, at least not until we the consumers act and refuse to buy these things for our kids.

    As always we here at Enerhealth urge you to eat more sensibly and model these rational eating habits for your children.  Include lots of superfoods in your diet and as always try to eat organic foods.  There are so many options available that there is really no excuse not to begin incorporating better eating habits into your diet today!  Many people already have...are you one of them?

    This is the last day to take advantage of our Enerfood and Meal Replacement Sale, 15% off.



  • Change of Seasons

    enerfood by dave

    With the seasons changing it becomes more important to take care of yourself. Make sure you are getting ample amounts of dense nutrition to help you ward off any sort of colds or flus.  Up here in the mountains, many of my friends whol have been 'burning the midnight oils' have succumbed to the flu.  Unfortunately, they had not been taking care of themselves properly...

    To help you get ahead of this change in seasons, we have lowered the prices 15% on 2 of our organic superfoods; Enerfood - including vacuum sealed, and our Amino Acid Omega Balanced Meal Replacement (we just received a new batch).  These will deliver a big dose of dense nutrition and build up your defenses and rejuvenate your systems.  No coupon code required, the prices have already been discounted!

    Remember that medicinal mushrooms can also boost your immune system and what better way then with your coffee and hot cocoa.  Our NutriCafe and Cocoa Mojo both have a great dose of medicinal mushrooms in every cup.  Everyone now knows that there is zero mushroom taste, quite the opposite, just gourmet coffee and cocoa.  By the way we just received new coffees from Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua.  We are blending it and is it tasty!

    Have a great week!  Feel free to give us a call at 866-762-9238

    Stay Healthy!

    Steve St Clair


    EnerHealth Botanicals

  • Nourish with eco-friendly skin care products

    When choosing your skin care products, it's important to keep in mind preservation of the environment with an organic living approach. Unfortunately today there are many ingredients and additives to look for and avoid when selecting your skin care products.  Look to use only plant based ingredients that are beneficial to your health, which also reflects in a healthier environment!  Avoid animal fats, or any synthetic dyes or preservatives such as parabens.  Parabens are groups of compounds that are used in many types of products including cosmetic and body care products. This chemical is inexpensive and effective in preventing bacteria growth.  I'm happy to share with you the fact that there are many natural alternatives to inhibit microbial activity and promote wellness that don't include the use of handmade chemicals.

    Hand sanitizers in the mainstream market oftentimes offer a product that is unpleasantly scented with chemicals, while being drying to the skin.  Instead, a naturally scented and non-chemical alternative version of hand sanitizer can be made with some potent essential oils and other ingredients.  Anti-bacterial and antiviral essential oils have the same germ killing effect that can be made right from home.  Add a few drops of lavender, tea tree and witch hazel extract into Vitamin E oil that is used as a base, providing your hands with germ-free softness.  Consider making this now that we've hit the months of fall.  With change of the seasons comes sickness; naturally protect yourself with your homemade germ-fighting products!

    Beauty definitely IS more than skin deep!  Our skin acts as more of a sponge and absorber than a barrier. This is why it's important to turn to natural ingredients; where the average person uses up to ten different skin care products on his or her body each day!  Since many of the synthetic chemicals being used in our health and beauty products are so new, it's uncertain how these chemicals are affecting us in the long run.  Topical products are highly unregulated and are given little attention by the FDA, as well as have not been evaluated for safety.  These unknown side effects are enough to steer me away from any strange ingredients that may be harmful to my health; say no to fragrance and go natural!

  • Useful tips for camping preparedness!

    Many people when packing and preparing for a camping trip oftentimes only think to pack the necessities; such as sleeping bag, tent, hiking shoes, cooler, etc.  These are all camping requirements that everyone brings along, but what about the other items you could include to make your outdoor camping experience more pleasurable?  These are a few secrets I would like to reveal to you!  As a survivalist and adventurer, it's important to remember and consider a few tips before and during your camping trip that will make things easier and run smoothly for you and whoever may be joining you in the beautiful outdoors.

    This may seem like a minor detail, but for me I've noticed it something to really consider.  Staying organized is super important when camping since you're dealing with so many things you packed and brought with you.  It's suggested to have a designated place for certain items with easy accessibility, since it's so easy to loose and misplace your belongings throughout the trip.  Trust me; I've learned the importance of this!  This is especially significant to be established and implemented before the sun goes down.  If the sun sets and it turns dark while I'm unorganized and discombobulated, I at least know exactly which pocket I placed my headlamp in my tent to help me out.

    When camping, especially during the fall months we're approaching, bring with you an insulated coffee cup with a lid.  Start your morning off right, and don't feel rushed into finishing your hot chocolate or coffee before it gets cold!  Here at Enerhealth we offer a few of your camping necessities, including organic cocoa and organic whole bean coffee to warm you up in the morning.  We also offer our very popular vacuum sealed survival pack that lasts 40 days for one person.  Here's some additional news; all of us at Enerhealth have teamed up with another awesome, forward thinking company providing you with more of your camping needs- stay tuned to find out what that's all about later this week!

  • Enerfood weekend sale, and new Doterra product!

    Happy Friday everyone!  We're excited to announce that EnerHealth is now carrying another essential oil made by Doterra, available for you for purchase.  We now have Doterra's "Elevation" blend that helps revitalize you when you need it the most.  This invigorating blend helps to lift your mood and increase your energy levels.  With its sweet, floral and citrusy aroma, Elevation blend also helps to lessen anxious feelings after or during a long day, encouraging you to relax.  This combination of essential oils can be used topically by adding one to two drops diluted with a base oil, like fractionated coconut oil, and applied to the desired area; or make use of this amazing blend in a different way by adding a few drops in a diffuser to help uplift the entire room.
    Essential oils are a powerful component of plant medicine, extracted through the process of distillation.  These oils are highly concentrated and contain volatile aroma compounds, holding the "true essence" of the plant.  The variety of uses of essential oils makes them highly versatile and fun to work with!  Whether it be beauty, cleaning, first aid uses and more, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had with your essential oils.  Give Doterra Elevation blend a try to promote a revitalizing, refreshing environment and energized mood.
    With the holiday this past Monday, it seemed like the week just flew!  We already have a sale going on for this weekend, ready for you to take advantage of.  Over the weekend we will have our Enerfood jars on sale for 15% off with use of the promo code lucky15.  This product provides you with good, clean energy while helping to remove toxins, encouraging your body perform at optimal level.  Introduce or continue to incorporate this amazing green superfood into your diet, which contains vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.  The ingredients in our Enerfood are readily available and easily digested for instantaneous energy and wellness.   Again, use the promotional code lucky15 to get an additional 15% off our staple product!
  • Essential oils and their uses

    A powerful method of plant medicine extraction is through the process of making of essential oils.  Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile aroma compounds from plants that contain the “true essence” of the plant through distillation.  How do we use them?  Not every essential oil can be used in the same way.  Some essential oils require a dilution in water or carrier oil, which is a base oil used to dilute the essential oil to help transfer the essential oil onto the skin.  Some essential oils require a dilution, while others do not.  Some essential oils are used topically, while others used internally.  I encourage everyone to do some research to ensure that you are using your essential oils properly.

    One thing to be aware of and look out for is low quality essential oils that are currently made available on the market.  Since labeling laws and regulations on essential oils are not strongly enforced or monitored, I think it a good idea you do some reading before picking your brand of essential oil.  Essential oils can be expensive, so unfortunately in some cases companies try to cut back on costs by making their oils with only partial plant material and the rest additives or other ingredients.  Consideration should also go into finding out how the plants are grown and distilled for your interested brand.  Don’t feel shy in reaching out to any companies to ask these important questions.

    Like I’ve already mentioned, the assortment in uses of essential oils makes them highly versatile and fun to work with extracts.  Whether it be beauty, cleaning, first aid uses and more, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had with your essential oils.  For use as aromatherapy, each oil has its own quality and can be used to support and enhance certain moods.  The aroma of lavender naturally helps to relax, grapefruit to refresh, or tea tree to uplift as a few examples.  Here at EnerHealth we use essential oils in our Trauma Response oil and all three of our herbal salves.  Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends!

  • Labor Day weekend sale, everything 15% off!

    In honor of this coming holiday and three day weekend, we want to offer you an amazing sale.  We are offering EVERYTHING, believe it, EVERYTHING 15% off.  Let’s celebrate and recognize the labor movement, dedicated to the economic and social achievement of American workers.  All of our tinctures, food products, coffees, survival packs, water bottles and more are all offered at discount using the discount code labor15.  With these next three days, I personally plan to take the long weekend to get away and camp in the Rocky Mountains in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Today I plan to create my checklist of necessities to ensure I’m prepared for whatever this weekend may bring me.  If you too plan to take a hike or camp, get organized for yourself, your family or any other accompaniment by thinking ahead!  Keep a checklist, and stay prepared to ensure a positive experience.

    This weekend will be dedicated to gathering with your friends, family, and loved once in merriment.  I put a lot of emphasis on taking advantage of our organic food storage packs and water filters because there’s no better way to spend time with the ones you love than safely being out in nature together!  With the weather soon to be getting colder and days shorter, there’s only limited time to get outside and take advantage of warmer outdoor activities.  Be sure you’re drinking clean, pure water and stay hydrated throughout your time.  Although at times backcountry water is safe for consumption, it’s never a good idea to drink unfiltered natural water sources.  No matter how remote the water source is, or how high the elevation, there are many means in which water can be dirtied.  I’ll be sure to bring my filtered water bottle with me, I suggest you order yours!

    Again, we want to join you in celebration of this holiday weekend.   Use the promotion code labor15 when purchasing to receive 15% off your entire order and all products we have to offer.  Whatever you may be getting into as this summer comes to an end, we want you to be prepared for nourishing and maintaining all of your health needs!  Here at Enerhealth we believe in preventative health, which is sickness prevention, rather than treatment after it’s already happened.  Keep your body healthy and in full swing with any and all of our products this weekend at a special price from our team here at EnerHealth.  Enjoy!


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