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  • Stay Tuned For a New Herbal Bitters Tonic

    We have been working on a new product line of herbal tonics.  The first ones we will release soon are:  Nervine Tonic to help calm you nerves when you get stressed out; Bitters Tonic to support a healthy gut and digestion; Love Potion Tonic for a amorous love life and a Longevity Tonic.  We have a new process for these tonics and they are powerful!

    Oh, and we are adding a singel tonic, Maca, that tastes like candy and it works well for adding that extra umph into your performance.

  • FDA Regulates Alternative Medicines

    I think this is yet another shot across the bow of our personal freedoms and choice.  FDA wants to and i suspect will, continue to ramp up regulation of homeopathic medicines of all kinds.  The ruse is that the consumer is ‘harmed’ because they don’t do anything-at least as far as they are concerned.  You see medicines that are natural are not patentable, meaning once proven that one works everyone can join in and make it and sell it.   To prove that a remedy works one must do clinical trials at the cost of millions to prove/disprove the efficacy of the medicine for the intended condition.

    So, if you can’t control the medicine, via patents, then you spent millions to prove it works but you can’t control the market via a patent.  This is why Big Pharma wants to discredit in any way possible all natural remedies.  As more people use them, and less use of these pharmaceuticals, it is harder-or at least takes longer to make a profit.

    The folks involved in making and offering natural remedies must rely on information and results hundreds and in some cases centuries old.  This is considered anecdotal evidence and not valid.  For those that use them, these herbal remedies and homeopathics do work when taken correctly.  Unfortunately, now the FDA seems to want to limit our access to these medicines.

  • Pirate Ships

    It isn't the historical pirates that we hear tales of and movies glamourize. Nope, it is just some unethical folks that enslave fishermen and then fish in territorial waters of other countries, taking much more than is allowed by even locals.

    Modern day pirating is different for a fact!  Over fishing is a huge problem these days and many areas of the world have been over fished, for example Dominican Republic's waters are barren almost of food fish.

    In fact, there are instances where pirate boats will have divers below harvesting conch attached to the ships above via air hoses and when approached by authorities they cut the lines, killing the divers below and taking off hoping to avoid prosecution.

    The world just keeps getting stranger by the day eh?  We need to be aware of these things and think about them as we buy our foods.   Make sure your fish are wild and ethically caught.

  • Great Coffee!

    This weekend I am at the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Show) in Seattle and as always it is quite a show.  Tons of education and so much wonderful coffee, much of it organic!  We have made some great coffee contacts and will be bringing you some of the best of the best soon!

  • Vigorous Exercise

    A new study promotes 'vigorous' exercise as a key component in longevity, i.e. avoiding an early death.

    I for one think that you should move your body and begin a balanced diet and exercise program suited to you current situation.  The key is in beginning and not to worry about avoiding premature death etc.  That kink of stress could surely shorten, not lengthen life span in my opinion.

    Work up to a vigorous, aerobic workout if you find a benefit to your health.  To me the key is listening to your body, let it tell you what it needs.  I am all for working towards health right now and with that comes a longer life span.  Worrying about premature death seems a bit counter productive.  What matters is right now.  If you aren't on a good health regimen then begin.   If you don't know what that phrase means, and it can certainly be confusing these days, ask someone or several someones....then begin!

    An easy way to really boost your diet is start with a small amount of a superfood everyday. Enerfood and our Meal Replacement are our versions and folks like them a lot, start with a teaspoon and work up to a tablespoon.

  • Diet or Exercise?

    What makes the biggest difference in your overall health, Diet or Exercise?  Many of us wonder about this since we are bombarded all the time with a 'do this or that' for better health and the information is confusing at best.

    Huffington Post just published an article saying that exercise, more so than diet, is the biggest component.  Personally, I don't go with any one voice saying one is better or more important than the other.  Think about it, they are both important!  And there is no guarantee that you won't have some health issue crop up, that's just life.

    You must both exercise, 3 to 5 times a week, of some kind and watch your diet.  Go for a walk, a swim, some yoga just move your body.  It is habit forming and a good one at that.  Eat sensibly, and that means to me an organic diet composed of mostly vegetables.  Cut out the sweets, the biggest threat to your health according to many experts and I agree!

    Have a great and healthier day!

  • Heart Healthy Combo

    Wow, this combo is quite a deal at this price!  $89.25 with regular retail at over $111.00.  You might want to take advantage of this while it lasts.  We plan on raising this price next week.

  • Yea!!! The new website is finally live!!

    After months of work and numerous mistakes the new look for Enerhealth is up and working, reasonably well anyway.  There are still a few kinks, please bear with us as we work them out.

    We would love to hear from you about the site, suggestions, constructive critiques etc.  Please email me at steve@enerfood.com.  Stay tuned for more information via these blogs we have some great new information and products coming.

  • Our New Site is Launched!

    Welcome to the new Enerhealth website/blog site.  We are excited to hear from you about our new format on all things healthy, Non-Gmo and Organic!  Stay tuned for more blogs and information.  Sign up for our newsletter and we will clue you in on the latest in health and wellness AND give you the heads up on our sales.

  • The Supreme Court once again cowers to big ag at our expense. We still have our wallets.

    Once again the supreme court takes care of business while leaving we the people in the dust. Learn why and how with this article below by Jon Smith.

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously yesterday that a California law requiring "downer" livestock to be euthanized—intended to both promote animal welfare and keep sick animals out of the food supply—had overstepped the state's constitutional authority.

    Food Safety News explains the law:

    In 2009, California enacted a ban on selling or slaughtering downer, or lame animals unable to walk, in response to undercover footage showing animal handlers abusing cows -- forcefully dragging and forklifting non-ambulatory animals -- in a San Bernadino County slaughterhouse. The video, released by the Humane Society, sparked consumer outrage and led to the nation's largest-ever meat recall. Non-ambulatory cows are at a higher risk for BSE, or mad cow disease. The packer caught prodding downed animals into slaughter had also been supplying the National School Lunch Program.

    The California law, which the pork industry took to the Supreme Court, required meat processors to euthanize downed animals immediately and applied to pigs, goats, and sheep—unlike federal law, which prevents only downed cows from being slaughtered.

    But there's no reason Michael Pollan's words about downed cows—"Whatever the risk, do you want to be eating meat from sick cows?"—do not extend to other animals.

    A piece in The Los Angeles Times puts the law into context:

    The questions of possibly tainted meat from potentially ailing animals -– pigs, cows, goats -- getting into the food chain was one of the confluent forces in the California law; the other was about animal cruelty. The public was horrified at a humane group’s video of cows that couldn’t walk being prodded and forced into the slaughterhouse to feed the American appetite for cheap and plentiful meat.

    Federal Issue The Federal Meat Inspection Act prohibits states from enacting laws that differ or are stricter than the federal law. But the Supreme Court ruling highlights the sad state of farming in the U.S. The one state that moved toward minimally reducing animal cruelty and promoting food safety is legally prevented from doing so.

    Now no one, whether in California or the Midwest, can take assurances about the state of the animals that enter the food supply, that none of them were not so sick prior to slaughter that they physically could not walk.

    Food Safety News explains more about the decision:

    "The Supreme Court's ruling affirms the supremacy of the Federal Meat Inspection Act and USDA's role in regulating meat process plants," said NPPC President Doug Wolf, a hog farmer from Lancaster, WI. "It also recognized that non-ambulatory hogs with proper recovery time and veterinary oversight do not need to be condemned immediately in all cases." Animal rights advocates argue that the California law would promote humane treatment and keep sick, weak animals out of the food supply. According to NMA, around 3 percent of pigs are non-ambulatory, or unable to walk, when they show up to the slaughterhouse.

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