• Protein Supplements can be Dangerous!

    I have been telling people for years now that the 'protein myth' is alive and well in the U.S. and apparently the world considering the news today that a 25 year old body builder in Australia died from what appears to be excessive consumption of protein and protein supplements.

    I have had the opportunity to speak with a few body builders after they had blood work done and the line of questioning goes like this:  Do you take a lot of protein isolates?  They invariably answer in the affirmative.  Next question:  How does you liver panel look?  The answer is invariably will there were some problematic issues in my last panel.  Too much of just about anything can harm your health.  Protein in excessive amounts certainly qualifies as a harmful product if done in large amounts.

    My advice is BE CAREFUL with any protein supplement and please watch your diet.  Even lean meats in excessive amounts can be harmful especially if it is the 'conventional' type beef, full of BGH, antibiotics and lord know what else.  These sort of chemicals can accumulate in the body and cause all sorts of issues.

    We always like to use as much vegetable sourced proteins as they come with all the good fats and oils required to break down proteins.  This is so important and why many of the protein isolates out there can be harmful, they are devoid of naturally occurring fats an oils!  Hemp hearts are a great example, while not as high in protein per serving, they are a tasty and highly nutritious food that contains great omega 3 and 6s.  Food combining is something we should all do to maximize proteins in our diets, rice/grains and beans/legumes for example.  I don't know of a single incident where someone died of over doing these types of foods.  Make sure they are organic!

    Enerhealth Botanicals tries to present good information concerning your health and ways to achieve optimum health.  For everyone that phrase, 'optimum health' can carry different meanings and we try to meet people where they find themselves on the health continuum.  Enerhealth also offers a variety of organic nutritional supplements, foodaceuticals, that can help you achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be.

    To read more about the Australian body builder you can access that information here.





  • New Research into weight loss, low fat diets are wrong!

    diet from dave

    A scientist at Tufts University,David Ludwig, has a 'new' theory on the current causes of obesity. When the statistics showed that even 2 and 3 year olds were getting obese, it was clearly a sign that the root of the issue was something in the environment, not just will power or genetics.

    He found that 'over eating does not make you fat, it is the process of getting fat that makes you over eat!  Sounds a little crazy right?  But when you look at the issue, it makes perfect sense.  He found that the type of foods you eat are the root cause of getting fat.  Turns out all those low fat diets are at issue, they reduce all the good fats and give the carbs a pass(how many refined carbs with added sugar do we see these days-this is the environmental piece).

    He says the best diet is one that has healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil and avocados for example (be careful of some of these oils as hexane is present which means a hydro carbon was used to express the oil) and reduce refined carbs and sugars, read bread, chips and sugary drinks.

    Of course he has a diet book and says that his diet reprograms your fat cells, reduces hunger and get insulin under control.  He is probably onto something don't you think? We have been writing about just this same diet for over 10 years now and produced a line of products to support you in your journey of health!

    To your health and well being!
  • Successful Weight Loss

    Psychology of Weight Loss.  Losing weight and keeping it off!
    Consider that only 8% of the people making a New Year's resolution actually keep them!  What we have now is a nation full of overweight people, nearly ¾ of all men and 60% of women!!
    A recent study gives us some clues that the majority of people gave for losing weight; 31% thought that exercise would result in weight loss, 26% considered diet the main reason and 17% healthy lifestyle.  Another 17% thought that the cost of a healthy lifestyle was the biggest barrier to losing weight.
    Turns out that only 10% of those in the study thought that there were any psychological factors involved in weight loss and keeping it off once gone.  Even if 17% of the people don't think they can afford a healthy lifestyle, which by the way is untrue, and don't even try to get healthy then you still have an enormous amount of folks that have some definition of activities that can result in weight loss but obviously fall short of the goal.  Clearly, if you consider how many people are overweight and they know the physical inputs to lose it, then we are left with some sort of psychological barrier.
    One psychologist is of the opinion it isn't just what you do but why you do it, not what you eat but why you eat the things you do.  Some tips to help recognize the emotional connection you may have to food:
    • Keep a daily diary logging your food and your mood, and look for unhealthy patterns.
    • Identify foods that make you feel good and write down why you eat them. Do they evoke a memory or are you craving those foods out of stress?
    • Before you have any snack or meal ask yourself: Am I eating this because I'm hungry? If the answer is no, look for the root of your motive.
    The goal is to take emotion out of eating and see food as nourishment, not as a reward or coping mechanism.
    And keep up those healthy activities, exercise and nutritious diet.
    To your health!
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

    black friday

    Our Sale Continues!  10-35% off on almost everything.  No code necessary for anything EXCEPT herbal tincture purchases, code is herb20.  There are just too many to mark them all down manually.

    You can save big right now on Enerfood, Meal Replacement, Protein Powder, NutriCafe, Cocoa Mojo, Herbs and more!  Take a look I am sure you can find something that will fit into your health regimen or make a great gift!

  • New Study Shows Exercise leads to healthier cells.

    enerfood by dave
    Another recent study has indicated that any type of exercise is good when it comes to 'anti-aging'. I have written about this before, exercise shortens the length of telomeres. Telomeres are parts of the cell that scientist measure, the longer they are the 'younger' and healthier the cell.  Master athletes have longer telomeres than sedentary people.  Thus the conclusion that longer telomeres are healthier and indicate an 'anti aging' strategy is in place and working. Click here to see the study.

    I for one am all for exercise, I feel better when I am a regular at the gym or hiking or something!  I also know that superfoods, okay this is a small but true pitch for Enerfood,  have also been shown to increase the rate of cellular rejuvenation by some measures.  They can increase a process called phagocytosis, where macrophages (a special type of white blood cell) that eats foreign stuff - like really bad cells, microbes and other foreign matter.

    So get out there and get some exercise this weekend and enjoy yourself.  Love more, Laugh and play - all of these can also really help you get and stay healthy.  Plus, everyone will want to be around you!

    In honor of the weekend and the small pitch above, I am keeping Enerfood and Meal Replacement on sale over the weekend!

    To your health!

    Steve St Clair

  • Herbs for Athletes

    Daily exercise is, of course, plays an incredibly important part in maintaining overall health.  Something to consider when maintaining an active lifestyle are herbs that help to contribute to your strength and endurance during regular workouts, as well as herbs that can help the recovery process of an intense workout or sore muscles.

    For greater energy and overall endurance, two herbs to consider might be Eleuthero and Arnica, as well as Cordyceps mushroom, though many more can be included on this list!  Eleuthero encourages the body to normalize its functions and helps one to adapt to both physical and emotional stress.  With the ability to oxygenize the cells and tissue or the body, Eleuthero also helps cells with excess lactic acid that builds up from a heavy workout, creating sore muscles.  Arnica, another great herb is used topically to help minimize inflammation associated with bruises, aches, and sprains from intense activity.   Arnica oil is featured in our Trauma Response blend available for said uses!

    Shifting kingdoms, Cordyceps are fascinating mushrooms that live on certain types of caterpillars in the high mountain regions of China.  This fungus boosts energy levels while also improving oxygen utilization; therefore improving athletic performance.  Cordyceps are featured in our Organic Nutricafé coffee, which contains performance supporting organic compounds infused in freshly roasted organic coffee beans.  Help yourself power through your active lifestyles with use of these energy enhancing herbs and mushrooms!

  • Vigorous Exercise

    A new study promotes 'vigorous' exercise as a key component in longevity, i.e. avoiding an early death.

    I for one think that you should move your body and begin a balanced diet and exercise program suited to you current situation.  The key is in beginning and not to worry about avoiding premature death etc.  That kink of stress could surely shorten, not lengthen life span in my opinion.

    Work up to a vigorous, aerobic workout if you find a benefit to your health.  To me the key is listening to your body, let it tell you what it needs.  I am all for working towards health right now and with that comes a longer life span.  Worrying about premature death seems a bit counter productive.  What matters is right now.  If you aren't on a good health regimen then begin.   If you don't know what that phrase means, and it can certainly be confusing these days, ask someone or several someones....then begin!

    An easy way to really boost your diet is start with a small amount of a superfood everyday. Enerfood and our Meal Replacement are our versions and folks like them a lot, start with a teaspoon and work up to a tablespoon.

  • Diet or Exercise?

    What makes the biggest difference in your overall health, Diet or Exercise?  Many of us wonder about this since we are bombarded all the time with a 'do this or that' for better health and the information is confusing at best.

    Huffington Post just published an article saying that exercise, more so than diet, is the biggest component.  Personally, I don't go with any one voice saying one is better or more important than the other.  Think about it, they are both important!  And there is no guarantee that you won't have some health issue crop up, that's just life.

    You must both exercise, 3 to 5 times a week, of some kind and watch your diet.  Go for a walk, a swim, some yoga just move your body.  It is habit forming and a good one at that.  Eat sensibly, and that means to me an organic diet composed of mostly vegetables.  Cut out the sweets, the biggest threat to your health according to many experts and I agree!

    Have a great and healthier day!

  • Heart Healthy Combo

    Wow, this combo is quite a deal at this price!  $89.25 with regular retail at over $111.00.  You might want to take advantage of this while it lasts.  We plan on raising this price next week.

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