• Weekend Sale at Enerhealth!

    Still on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift?

    This is the perfect time to load up on some Cocoa Mojo to pass out to your co-workers or favorite teachers.  Why not pair it up with one of our NutriCafé Coffee blends for a DIY Mocha coffee blend? Or some Enerfood Superfood for the busy Super Mom in your life?

    From today until Monday night at midnight, we will be offering 20% off our Enerfood, NutriCafé Organic Coffee, the delicious Cocoa Mojo and the 40 Days/Nights Organic Emergency Survival Food Supply!

    healthy coffee


    NutriCafé, a Gourmet Organic Whole Bean Coffee, is infused with extracts of medicinal mushrooms. Great tasting, freshly roasted with immune supporting and performance enhancing properties.


    cocoamojo_12ozCocoa Mojo is 100% Certified Organic Cocoa Powder that is delicious and great for the entire family. This is a great way to enjoy yummy Cocoa while supporting your immune system...especially during the winter. The mushrooms blended into Cocoa Mojo are designed to help support your immune system.

    (Does not taste like mushrooms ?)


    enerfood superfood

    Enerfood is the best organic green superfood that supports the body in clearing toxins, provides natural energy, and keeps you performing at an optimal level all day long.  Enerfood supports the body in clearing toxins, provides natural energy, and keeps you performing at an optimal level all day long.


    Organic survival pailSurvive2Thrive Pail - 40 Days/Nights Organic Emergency Survival Food Supply is stocked full of organic, non-GMO, vegan goodness.  With a shelf life of 10-15 years, this pail is great for camping or stored in the pantry for when SHTF.


  • Boss is out of town Sale!

    The boss is out through next weekend and the rest of the team here at Enerhealth are putting some things on SALE!
    Boss needs a break from all this snow and we want to show him we can take care of business and your needs while he is away!  Give Robbie a call he might even cut some deals on the phone!
    Check out the Biolite Camping equipment, Water Filters and more! Keep checking  the site as we might even put more on sale before he gets back!  We even snuck in a discount on our new Hemp Extract Product!!
    Enjoy the Weekend and the coming Week!
    To your health and well being!
     The Enerhealth Team!
  • Our Mushroom Products Sale Ends Sunday 2.21.16


    Mushrooms are truly Magical when it comes to he health benefits delivered!  Not Science has known about these properties for thousands of years, we are just beginning to 're-learn' how and when to use them!

  • The Magic of Mushrooms are the Health Benefits

    Half way through the Month of February and the cold weather is here, at least in Colorado, and seems like many folks are getting sick.  To help get everyone better, and hopefully ward off illness, we are putting our immune supporting NutriCafe Coffees and Herbal Tinctures on sale - prices as marked and some of them you won't believe. Immune Boosting Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

    Mushrooms have been used for centuries by traditional healers to help strengthen the immune system. A good source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, fiber, niacin, essential amino acids and Vitamins B and D, mushrooms have been used in China and elsewhere around the world as natural remedies, and to help boost immunity for centuries.

    The following fungi are well known for their purported beneficial properties including:

    Agaricus blazei - This nutrient-dense mushroom contains higher levels of protein than most other mushrooms. In traditional Chinese medicine Agaricus blazei was known to help build immunity and promote healthy body weight, and as a detoxifier to help improve liver function.

    Cordyceps - This mushroom, which grows out of caterpillar larvae in the Himalayas. has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help treat conditions including coughing, wheezing, reducing fatigue, and to calm nervousness. Cordyceps mushrooms are also revered for their potential to enhance physical performance.

    Coriolus versicolor - This mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries but since the1970s has become one of the most widely researched mushrooms in conventional medicine. More than 400 studies have evaluated Coriolus mushrooms for their immune-boosting qualities.

    Ganoderma - This mushroom grows on wood and is one of Asia's most popular medicinal mushrooms. Many species of Ganoderma contain bioactive compounds and antioxidants that have potential therapeutic benefits including promoting liver health, helping reduce cholesterol, and may have antimicrobial qualities.

    Maitake - Maitake mushrooms grow in clusters at the base of oak trees and are native to Northeastern Japan and North America. In 2009, a human trial showed Maitake could stimulate the immune systems.

    Shiitake - Traditional Chinese herbalists have used shiitake mushrooms to help with ailments including gastrointestinal distress, and liver problems. It is known that ancient physicians prescribed shiitake to boost chi, or life energy. Today, shiitake mushrooms are a subject of intense research, and the medicinal capabilities attributed to the mushroom are so prized that it is now among the most cultivated of the world's edible mushrooms.

    With all the beneficial qualities of these mushrooms, EnerHealth decided to create a method to capture the immune supporting benefits of these mushrooms in an easy and delicious way. Using organic whole Arabica beans infused with a proprietary blend of Ganoderma, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, Agaricus blazei and Coriolus versicolor mushrooms, EnerHealth has created a coffee that tastes freshly roasted with NO mushroom flavor! Low caffeine and acid levels, NutriCafe is truly the healthier choice. Enjoy Nutricafe Immune Support Coffee today!
  • NutriCafe Organic Coffee and Immune Boosting Products on Sale!

    ImmuneSale graphic
    Half way through the Month of January and the cold weather is here, at least in Colorado, and seems like many folks are getting sick.  To help get everyone better, and hopefully ward off illness, we are putting our immune supporting NutriCafe Coffees and Herbal Tinctures on sale - prices as marked and some of them you won't believe.
    NutriCafe click here
    Immune Supporting Herbs and Blends click here
    Green Coffee Bean Extract click here
    Stay warm out there.
    Enjoy the Weekend!
    To your health and well being!
  • Superfoods on Sale This Weekend!

    The month of January is a real test to those of us that made a commitment to get healthier, lose weight, exercise etc.  My gym representative says that the end of December and January are huge in terms of new members and the gym is hopping, but he also says that by March it will be business as usual with members and activity dropping off.
    I hope that those that did make the commitment remain on track longer than March.  I for one gained a bit of weight over the holidays and am tracking to lose it all by the end of February, about 5 lbs per month.  Ah the miracles of exercise (I like to swim) and diet (I am cutting out the sugars).
    I am doing a shake everyday with Enerfood, Meal Replacement and our Vegan Protein Powder, with a few herbs for an added boost.  I just mix it up and drink.  I am kinda hard core, I just mix in water but most folks use 1/2 apple juice and 1/2 water.  You can even add some fruit and coconut milk powder for a better taste.
    I am offering you the Enerfood, Meal Replacement and the Protein powder at 10% off this weekend.  I hope this makes it easier for you to purchase and get healthier!
    We are still offering a fixed rate shipping option until we fix (again) our live rate shipping feeds, $9.99 fixed rate on all orders unless there is a cheaper option shown during checkout!
    Enjoy the Weekend!
    To your health and well being!
  • Freshly Roasted Organic NutriCafe Coffee

    holiday sale
    The New Year is here!

    We just roasted coffee on Thursday. You won't find coffee fresher than this, a blend of Mexican Chiapas and Peru.  Start your New Year Off with some great Organic NutriCafe Coffee.  We also put the cocoa on sale as well.

    Remember we are offering all the products in the Cleanse category at 20 to 30% off until the 3rd of January 2016!.  We want to help you begin a new year in the healthiest way possible.

    To your health and well being!
    Steve St Clair
  • 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway...Starts Today!

    xmas 2
    We here at Enerhealth are getting in the Spirit of Christmas!

    12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Starts Today!

    In Addition to the great sale prices, 10-35% off - no coupon necessary, we will be Giving Away a product to one person that orders each day for the next 12 days!  We will let you know if you are the receiver of our gift!

    Remember if you want to purchase any herbal product, including kits and medicine cabinets, are 20% off and you must use the code herb20 to get that discount.  For any other product on sale no coupon is necessary!

    Almost everything is on sale, Enerfood, NutriCafe and Cocoa Mojo all make great gifts!  Order now and get them before the holidays And have a chance to get a free product

  • Christmas Sale Begins Today!

    xmas 1

    We decided to start our Holiday Sale Today!  10-35% off on select products and they are already marked down on the site, no coupon code necessary!  If you want to purchase our great herbal medicine, you will need to use the code 'herb20' for 20% off all herbs including medicine cabinets and 'packs'.

    These are great products at really fabulous prices, take advantage today!

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

    black friday

    Our Sale Continues!  10-35% off on almost everything.  No code necessary for anything EXCEPT herbal tincture purchases, code is herb20.  There are just too many to mark them all down manually.

    You can save big right now on Enerfood, Meal Replacement, Protein Powder, NutriCafe, Cocoa Mojo, Herbs and more!  Take a look I am sure you can find something that will fit into your health regimen or make a great gift!

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